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Gul Sanga

Gul Sanga is very beautiful and very good singer in Pashto Music industry, her Songs and voice is amazing. She gained fame in pakistan in 2012. and still active in Pashto Music industry as a lead Singer. Gul Sanga Songs List 1- Da Khkule Zawani Zama Khkule Da Harcha Na 2- Lachi Lawang Janana – […]

Kashmala Gul

Kashmala Gul – کشمالہ گل is young and gorgeous Pashto Singer, Alot of Pashtuns are big fan of her voice and songs. Her contribution to Pashto Music Industry is appreciable. Kashmala Gul Latest Songs List 1- Za So Tappy Da Musafar Bayana Kashmala Gul Pashto New Tapy Tappy 2017 Qatar Tappy 2- Nakri Meena Nakri […]

Seeta Qasemie

Seeta was born in Kabul, Afghanistan who is widely known by her professional name, Seeta Qasemie. Ever since she was a child, she was very interested in the art of music. She is now the best Afghan singer, writer, composer and poetess. Currently, Seeta Qasemie lives with her family in Germany. هر كس بد ما […]

Nazia Iqbal

Nazia Iqbal is the Most popular Singer in Pashto Entertainment Industry. She had won several awards, and also deserves a great tribute She had sang more than 1000 Songs. which consists of songs from every category. Nazia Iqbal has alot of fans, people love their voice and is always eager to listen to Nazia iqbal […]

Laila Khan

Laila Khan is a Pakistani singer. Amongst contemporary artists, she is considered one of the famous proponents of Pashto music. Laila has also gained fame for singing a fusion song in five languages – Pashto, Urdu, French, English and Arabic – apart from performing in multiple domestic and international concerts. As reported by The Express […]

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