#MeTooRising, Woman and Girls from Pakistan responded on twitter

After the launch of #MeToo movement on Google . Woman and girls from various parts of Pakistan have also responded to the movement on twitter.  The movement was started six months ago and now Google is giving it a new look on global scale with #MeTooRising.

An interactive globe that will show you featured stories about the movement from around the world, created in recognition of Sexual Assault Awareness Month.

At the bottom is a scale that started in October 2017. as you move along you will find all the sexually harassed resources from various parts of the world.

The globe is full interactive and move-able. the lights on various cities shows where people are most searching for the movement at any selected time frame. click on the any city light to see top trending story.

“This is not only a significant moment in history; it’s a significant moment in internet history: Me Too marks a time when sexual assault survivors everywhere turned the internet into a platform for their voices and perspectives to be heard and respected,” Malika Saada Saar.

Google’s Public Policy and Government Relations Senior Counsel, wrote in a post about Me Too Rising.

Watch the founder of #MeToo movement Tarana Burke Discussing Me Too Rising in a Youtube Video below.

The site included a link to sexual assault resource. which will help If you want to get in touch with Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network (RAINN) and the Trevor Project.

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