Laila Khan

Laila Khan is a Pakistani singer. Amongst contemporary artists, she is considered one of the famous proponents of Pashto music.

Laila has also gained fame for singing a fusion song in five languages – Pashto, Urdu, French, English and Arabic – apart from performing in multiple domestic and international concerts. As reported by The Express Tribune in May 2016, the 20-year-old Laila’s music career started in 2013.

Majority of her songs are in the Pashto language. Arabic and Urdu poetry significantly define the leitmotifs of Laila’s compositions. A large part of her work till now has been with Latoon Productions.

Her debut song was “Za Laila Yama”. Her most popular songs in 2015 were titled Khabara Da Pakhtu Da (recorded for the Pakistan Super League cricket team Peshawar Zalmi) and Dheere Dheere Se Meri Zindagi May Aana. She has also worked in the Pashto cinema industry, also known as Pollywood.

REAL NAME: Laila Khan
NICK NAME: Laila, Lilly
DATE OF BIRTH: 14 June 1997

AGE: 20
HOME TOWN: Peshawar, Pakistan

Singer, Song Writer


Personal Interests

Past time: Basket ball, Listen Music,
Favorite Color: Red & Yellow
Favorite movie: Vivah
Favorite Dish: Chicken


  1. Avt Channels Award
  2.  Hunar-e-Hawwa Award
  3. Army balochistan Award

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