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Farzana Naaz is a talented Afghan female singer. Farzana Naz is a young woman of Afghanistan who chose music to become a singer and she started singing in Pashto language before a few years. Farzana Naz was born in Kabul, Afghanistan and she is singing in both Pashto and Dari/Persian languages of Afghanistan. She is the most popular singer in Afghanistan as well as in around the world Afghans community. Her pashto song “Peghla da Kabul” was the top song of 2010.

Shabab Lah Lah Lyrical Farzana Naaz & Taher Shabab

[one_half] هر سحر که مازيګرلار کې ناست يې دګدر د هر څه یې بې خبرنه دې کار شته نه هنر ولا کور ته چې لاړه شم خبر به کړم لالا شې به کلي کې رسوا والله والله والله والله زه مين يمه پر تا نه ډ اریږم دلالا سپرد مې په اللهرښتیا وایم رښتیا ای […]

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