Tor Orbal Ba Kor Kam Pashto Lyrics

Tor Orbal Ba Kor Kam is Pashto song by Sumbal Khan. The song is written and composed by Humayun Khan Artist: Sumbal Khan Lyrics and Composed By: Humayun Khan Tor Orbal Ba Kor Kam Pashto Lyrics   Tala che darzama Tor Orbal Ba Kor Kam Bya pa speen mangwalo ba jor da bangro shor kam Sta dapara […]

Waraki Yama Pashto Song Lyrics | Fetrat Song Lyrics

Waraki Yama or Fetrat Lyrics is a beautiful Pashto song sung by Rahil Yousafzai. The song was composed by Zaheer Akhtar and the lyrics was written by Hamida Paktianay. Artist: Rahil Yousufzai Song: Fetrat Lyrics: Hamida Paktianay Compose: Zaheer Akhtar Music: Emom Ali “Zarnigar MP” Edit: Jawed Yahya Video Director: Ismail Sangin Zarnigar Media Production   Waraki Yama […]

Emal Mustafa

Real Name: Emal Mustafa Nick Name: Emal. Date of Birth: 14 May 1986. Star Sign: Taurus. Birth Place: Kabul, Afghanistan. Profession: Singer, Composer, Songwriter. Country: Afghanistan. Current Residence: Netherlands. Wiki, Biography and Family Emal Mustafa was born on 14 May 1986 in Koch Barana in Kabul, Afghanistan. Emal Mustafa finished his early education from Afghanistan. In 2001 he moved to Netherlands and […]

Eiraj Kazmi

Eiraj Kazmiwas is a Singer, Composer & Songwriter from Afghanistan. He was born 13 October 1987, in Kabul, Afghanistan and currently living in Frankfurt Germany. He attended music schools in India and Pakistan. He gained popularity in the year of 2002 from the song To Raftee Dar Safar. EK composes and directs nearly all of his own songs. […]

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